Top 10 Best Websites For Free Torrents Download – 2018

Top 10 Best Websites For Free Torrents Download - 2018

Want to find a movie that is still in the cinema or a specific music album, cartoons, videos or recent series? Well, I think you are in the right place. Through this article, I propose you the TOP 10 of the best torrent sites. This will allow you to save money and have a good time with your family in front of a movie you love!

Best Torrent Sites For Free Torrents Download 2018 [Latest]

  1. Torrent # 1 site: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay torrent site is a Swedish site created in 2003 very reliable existing for several years that has gained a lot of notoriety . It is easy to use and allows you to download free and without illegality all the movies you like. He is considered to be the biggest server on the web.

  1. Torrent site # 2: RARBG

This site RARBG unlike other sites of torrents is centered on the quality of what it offers you and not on the quantity. Thus, you will be able to download movies, videos, series and music in very high quality and high resolution. It houses a large number of torrents files of all kinds.

  1. Torrent site # 3:

This site just like the site RARBG is centered on the quality of what it proposes to you. It’s a simple, effective site that offers you quality content . This is a site where you can download YIFY movies of excellent quality. These files are however in small format. You can quickly download the latest videos without having to stress your bandwidth. Do not hesitate to go on this site, you will not be disappointed!

  1. Torrent Site # 4: 1337x

This 1337x site allows you to find files or movies that are old or quite rare . On 1337x, the download can be done by links magnets, or by torrents files, or directly. The database of the site is quite rich for the pleasure of P2P fans. This site does not offer a range of films as wide as others but if you are looking for something specific, rare or old, you will find what you are looking for sure!

  1. Torrent site # 5: Torrentproject

This Torrentproject site is known to all and has more than 10 million indexed torrents. On this site you can find everything you want.

  1. Torrent site # 6: IsoHunt

The IsoHunt site was created in 2003 and is a very popular site . Easy to use, it will meet all your desires!

The download on the site is simple and very light . There is very little advertising and the platform offers a list with categories of torrents files.

There are 8 categories: anime, movies, series, video games, software, music, adult content, and the miscellaneous category that offers books and other materials.

The right side of the interface also displays the most popular files. There are many series, movies and very famous files. These are generally protected by copyright.

The site allows to find the torrent of any file among these 8 categories. So, if you are looking for a movie, just insert the name in the search and the result will be displayed.

You will have all the files corresponding to your search. A click on the one that fits you and you will have the description and a part to download. The torrent will be supported by your recording software.

  1. Torrent Site # 7: Torlock

The Torlock site is a very reliable site that will pay its users 1 dollar if they find fake torrents . It is to tell you if this site is serious and of high quality!

  1. Torrent Site # 8: SkyTorrents

The SkyTorrents site offers several millions of torrents . It has a gigantic databaseand a very well thought interface that will seduce you I guarantee it!

Unlike other torrent search engines, Sky Torrents wants to be completely transparent about the privacy of its users. No advertising, no cookie and no JavaScript code is present on the site . In other words, you can browse the search engine without leaving any trace behind you.

As I write these few lines,  more than 12 million torrents  are indexed on the Sky Torrents search engine . The research is fast and the results are very relevant. The interface, it is rather summary, but everything is there: name of the file, date of upload, size, number of seeders, peers, etc.

To search for a Torrent on Sky Torrents, simply enter your keyword in the search fieldprovided, then click on Search Now . Do not forget to use Anglo-Saxon terms of the style: title of your french movie or title of your s07 vostfr series (s07 for season 7) . You will see, the results will be much more relevant.

  1. Torrent site # 9: Demonoid

The Demonoid site has made millions of torrents available since 2013. The particularity of this site is that you will have to register to join it. Do not worry, registration only takes a few seconds and you will then have access to varied and quality content. You’ll find movies, videos, music, series, ebooks, cartoons, games and software.

  1. Torrent site # 10: LimeTorrents

The website Limetorrents offers a huge database with authentic files and very high quality . By going on this site, you will enjoy!

My article is coming to an end. You now know the TOP 10 of the best torrent sites to download for free and legally: The Pirate Bay, RARBG,, 1337x, TorrentProject, Isohunt, TorLock, Sky Torrent, Demonoid and finally the site LimeTorrents.

I advise you to go to one of these sites if you need movies, videos, music, series, games, software … You will find everything you need!

Do not hesitate to come back to give your opinion by commenting at the bottom of the article.