How To Begin With Heists In GTA – Complete GTA Online Heists Guide

gta online heists guide

The Comprehensive Guide To GTA Online Heists – How To Begin With Heists On GTA Online

If a player has reached at the Rank 12 and own a super cool high ended apartment, you get the chance to be play 4-player cooperative heists online. It will begin with Lester calling you and now you got to go and visit him. Now Lester can call you anytime to play a new heist and vice versa.  The time you need to wait for is 15 minutes approximately.

It can be played on 3 levels with differing levels of difficulties. The more you play on the tougher ones, more you are eligible to earn in the game.

One you request is accepted for the game, the game gets on. You become the heist leader now. Now you are eligible to invite other players to join the game.

Being the leader you have to face some costs, also you got to decide upon the total that has to be divided among the people. This game can let you get immense amount of money.make a good plan, execute it and that’s how you win the game.

The role of other players has to be determined by you. You can see that in the guide provided to you. Communicating to your teammates is one of the most crucial part of the game. This will let you know your strengths and fallbacks.

This is a game of many missions. The leader will get to earn 10% more RP from setting up such missions. One you make a new mission, the players are set to free mode.

If you completely finish a Heist, you will able to unlock new and more Mode missions. For your information, you have 3 kinds of Adversary Modes which are siege Mentality, second is Hasta La Vista and last but not the least is Come Out to Play.

This comprises a total of  16 total missions. Every heist has its own set of Elite Challenges which are really fun and engaging.

Must Read :

  1. Heist 1 is The Fleeca Job

GTA Online Fleeka Job Heist
GTA Online Fleeka Job Heist

It would Cost you around $11,450. The Total Payout has to be $57,000 in the easy mode, $115,000 in Normal and $143,000 in the hard zone. The Elite Challenges will be that You have to finish it in time less than 5:20. The car has to have less than 6% damage and the most important condition I that the any player doesn’t have to die. The following are the missions:

  • You have to drive Lester to go to the bank and have a look at it and then you also have to go back to Warehouse.
  • You got to steal Kuruma which is currently held by pack of gangsters and this one too, you have to take it to the Warehouse.

A tiny tip would be that the heist only need two of its players, the way it’s considered to be the tutorial.

  1. Heist 2 is called The Prison Break

GTA Online Prison Break Job Heist
GTA Online Prison Break Job Heist

It will approximately cost you $40,000. In the hard zone it price of the total payout is $500K, in the normal, it’s $400K and in the easy one, its $200K. The unlockables of this heist are Lampadati Casco and also the Principe Lectro. The missions are as follows:

  • A group has to fight with the Vagos right at the airport, so player who is a pilot is able to steal a Velum and take it right away to LSIA.
  • You have to steal a prison bus in anyway and get yourself safe from the police.
  • A player is supposed to steal a car from the police, also needs to transfer the schedule back to this particular apartment.
  • While a group is taking care of this specific associate, the others must focus on killing the lawyers and manage to get their deposition.
  1. Heist 3 is called Humane Labs Raid

GTA Online Humane Labs Raid heist
GTA Online Humane Labs Raid heist

The cost would be $54,000. In the hard zone it price of the total payout is $6.75 lac, in the normal, it’s $5.75lac and in the easy one, its $2.7lacs. The unlockables of this heist are Mammoth Hydra, HVY Insurgent, armored HVY Insurgent, Nagasaki Dinghy, Night Vision mask and last but not the least Rebreather mask. The following are the missions

  • if 2 players, one acts as the buyer and the other one as the bodyguard, you have to get the keys from your contact.
  • You should steal 2 LAPVs from Merry weather. As you know, the vehicles are armed, getting a gunner would help you in any time.
  • You have to steal an EMP from a Hydra jet on one of the naval carrier. In the time one player gets the Hydra, the others one have to focus on pilot jets in order to help out. You must get the Hydra return to your beginning point. Go and steal a Valkyrie from a base. You have got 2 options with you, one is to get the VAlkyrie and try shooting down the attacking helicopters.The other is to coose he stealth oruse the head on approach.
  • Drive a LAPV which is stolen along a EMP inside, get it into Humane Labs and make sure you park it. Since, no one wishes to be caught. Make sure you get a silence along with, it might come to rescue in case of need.

In order to get the Hydra jet, you have to make sure that finish this third mission, this mission wishes you to retrieve the EMP.

This can only be played if you have got through the previous missions. If you want the combat helicopter, you got to finish the fourth mission. This demands you to steal that Valkyrie.

  1. There is the 4th Hesit known as Series A Funding

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist
GTA Online Series A Funding Heist

The cost would be $40,000. In the hard zone it price of the total payout is $5.05 lac, in the normal, it’s $4.04lac and in the easy one, its $2.02lacs. The unlockables of this heist is the one and only Karin technical. You ought to finish this heist in time less than 6:30 and killing 75 enemies and your any of the player is not supposed to die at any point of time. The missions are given below:

  • There are two teams; one has to go by the air means the other by the water. The team in water has to reach the yacht in order to steal drugs. Then the team in air has to provide the power of fire from a certain gap. Make sure you collect all the packages and reach the tunnels and make sure you final objective is achieved.
  • Go and make sure you steal a truck of garbage and now you have to collect garbage bags by going to 4 different locations and collecting bags from there.  Be careful about the enemies that will come by to stop the player. When you are fighting just on the station of gas, beware of the danger, do not blast it with your actions.
  • Go and take your silenced weapons along to Dingies and use your stealth to get your enemies from the trailer park. Split in two groups and you have to coordinate the attacks that you are going to make. A van taken right from north edge would be great move and to escape the danger.
  • make sure you have two players who act as the lookouts and gunners, on the other hand other remains on ground. BE aware of the train upcoming that can make your game a tough one. Clear the enemies of yours and now reach for the trucks. Now 2 of your players should go get the gunner truck while rest of the players manage to get the remaining trucks. Now escape when all this has been done.
  • When you visit the farm, make sure you have the mask on. Enemies can dominate here; make sure you fight them back. 2 players have to manage the drive trucks right in the front and at the back, the tanker will protect you from the escape. Explosives may be able to tempt you but they can be deadly. They can harm you as well.
  1. Heist 5 is called The Pacific Standard Job

GTA Online Pacific Standard Heist
GTA Online Pacific Standard Heist

It will approximately cost you 1 lac dollars. In the hard zone it price of the total payout is $10lac, in the normal, it’s $5lac and in the easy one, its $12.5lacs.The unlockables of this heist are Savage, the Principe Lectro and the gang burrito van. Finish this heist in less than 10:15 and make sure none of your player dies.

  • Take 2 cars with driver and navigator in each of them. The navigator have to make use of their phones to locate their vans.
  • You got to take transponder to this lone island. This island will have Avi hising. Nowyou are supposed to take the helicopter out and fight the police on the island. Reach the lake, move to the center and drive AVi with you.
  • Go to the Vinewood like two teams. One is the teams of the Transporter and the other has three Decoys. Look out for a van which is White and let it be taken to Vinewood Boulevard. Clear the coast, grab the player who is the transporter and get the equipment and go to the van. The Decoys are supposed to go in the black van. Keep your enemies distracted.
  • For the start, start a convoy and get a military truck for yourself. First a copter will come and then the convoy. Don’t destroy the truck while fighting and you have to take the truck to the goal.
  • Go to the lost’s clubhouse and try stealing the Lectro sports bikes. Don’t destroy the bikes in the process. Steal those amazing bikes and drop them to the desired location. Don’t get into any fight in the midway.

Some tips for the heist:

If you end up on a fight with the police, you might fail the challenge. Never wait in bank for long, tries to get out of there as soon as possible.

Clear your routes and use a car inorder to escape. Drive a nice boat to your final destination to complete Heist on the final.

Never miss out on losing your money in your way.