Top 10 Best Websites For Free Torrents Download – 2018

Top 10 Best Websites For Free Torrents Download - 2018

Want to find a movie that is still in the cinema or a specific music album, cartoons, videos or recent series? Well, I think you are in the right place. Through this article, I propose you the TOP 10 of the best torrent sites. This will allow you to save money and have a good time with your family in front of a movie you love!

Best Torrent Sites For Free Torrents Download 2018 [Latest]

  1. Torrent # 1 site: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay torrent site is a Swedish site created in 2003 very reliable existing for several years that has gained a lot of notoriety . It is easy to use and allows you to download free and without illegality all the movies you like. He is considered to be the biggest server on the web.

  1. Torrent site # 2: RARBG

This site RARBG unlike other sites of torrents is centered on the quality of what it offers you and not on the quantity. Thus, you will be able to download movies, videos, series and music in very high quality and high resolution. It houses a large number of torrents files of all kinds.

  1. Torrent site # 3:

This site just like the site RARBG is centered on the quality of what it proposes to you. It’s a simple, effective site that offers you quality content . This is a site where you can download YIFY movies of excellent quality. These files are however in small format. You can quickly download the latest videos without having to stress your bandwidth. Do not hesitate to go on this site, you will not be disappointed!

  1. Torrent Site # 4: 1337x

This 1337x site allows you to find files or movies that are old or quite rare . On 1337x, the download can be done by links magnets, or by torrents files, or directly. The database of the site is quite rich for the pleasure of P2P fans. This site does not offer a range of films as wide as others but if you are looking for something specific, rare or old, you will find what you are looking for sure!

  1. Torrent site # 5: Torrentproject

This Torrentproject site is known to all and has more than 10 million indexed torrents. On this site you can find everything you want.

  1. Torrent site # 6: IsoHunt

The IsoHunt site was created in 2003 and is a very popular site . Easy to use, it will meet all your desires!

The download on the site is simple and very light . There is very little advertising and the platform offers a list with categories of torrents files.

There are 8 categories: anime, movies, series, video games, software, music, adult content, and the miscellaneous category that offers books and other materials.

The right side of the interface also displays the most popular files. There are many series, movies and very famous files. These are generally protected by copyright.

The site allows to find the torrent of any file among these 8 categories. So, if you are looking for a movie, just insert the name in the search and the result will be displayed.

You will have all the files corresponding to your search. A click on the one that fits you and you will have the description and a part to download. The torrent will be supported by your recording software.

  1. Torrent Site # 7: Torlock

The Torlock site is a very reliable site that will pay its users 1 dollar if they find fake torrents . It is to tell you if this site is serious and of high quality!

  1. Torrent Site # 8: SkyTorrents

The SkyTorrents site offers several millions of torrents . It has a gigantic databaseand a very well thought interface that will seduce you I guarantee it!

Unlike other torrent search engines, Sky Torrents wants to be completely transparent about the privacy of its users. No advertising, no cookie and no JavaScript code is present on the site . In other words, you can browse the search engine without leaving any trace behind you.

As I write these few lines,  more than 12 million torrents  are indexed on the Sky Torrents search engine . The research is fast and the results are very relevant. The interface, it is rather summary, but everything is there: name of the file, date of upload, size, number of seeders, peers, etc.

To search for a Torrent on Sky Torrents, simply enter your keyword in the search fieldprovided, then click on Search Now . Do not forget to use Anglo-Saxon terms of the style: title of your french movie or title of your s07 vostfr series (s07 for season 7) . You will see, the results will be much more relevant.

  1. Torrent site # 9: Demonoid

The Demonoid site has made millions of torrents available since 2013. The particularity of this site is that you will have to register to join it. Do not worry, registration only takes a few seconds and you will then have access to varied and quality content. You’ll find movies, videos, music, series, ebooks, cartoons, games and software.

  1. Torrent site # 10: LimeTorrents

The website Limetorrents offers a huge database with authentic files and very high quality . By going on this site, you will enjoy!

My article is coming to an end. You now know the TOP 10 of the best torrent sites to download for free and legally: The Pirate Bay, RARBG,, 1337x, TorrentProject, Isohunt, TorLock, Sky Torrent, Demonoid and finally the site LimeTorrents.

I advise you to go to one of these sites if you need movies, videos, music, series, games, software … You will find everything you need!

Do not hesitate to come back to give your opinion by commenting at the bottom of the article.

How To Make Money In GTA 5 Online Stock Market – No GTA 5 Money Hacks Or Generator

Best Ways To Make Money On GTA 5 With Stock Market – No GTA 5 Money Hack, Cheats Or Generator Online {Genuine Methods}

Well! GTA is an old game which still manages to entertain a lot of audience. The game is still and trend is considered to be the most epic game. The new developments keep the players intact to play it. The game is a real life game, a game which is a world in itself. This is like diving into another world of your own where you rule the entire lifestyle. You take steps to become a better player and wish to be the finish all the tasks that you get. Money is a real deal in the game, the entire thing is about money.

Are like really tired of earning money the old fashioned way? Do you want know a better way to get rich? Here’s a guide on how to make money in GTA 5 online stock market.

You wish to lay your hands on every golf course and women in Los Santos. And we are here to give you a guide on how you can extract as much money as you can from what is now everyone’s favourite new sandbox. So don’t miss out on this amazing guide on how to make money in GTA 5. We’re going to chart out the best ways to earn money in GTA 5 online on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

NOTE : People Normally Search For GTA 5 Money Hack, GTA 5 Money Cheats and GTA 5 Online Money Generator Tools, All of them are Complete !! FAKE !! and lead to your account ban, So we urge you not to use those such sites. Neither we support nor we suggest for the use of any such kind of sites. Keep Reading if you want to follow the genuine path.

On How to take sides.

The LCN and the BAWSAQ are the two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5. The LCN is affected by the inside the game events and the BAWSAQ is influenced by the games’ smorgaboard of the dirty dealing players.

It is difficult to change the flow of the BAWSAQ, but the LCN can be considered a fair game. This happens because, the stock market, like in real life, fluctuates based on current events. If something bad happens, then the prices drop.

So to make money, the player, that is you, have to be the bad thing, you have to initiate bad things. Once you make bad things happen, the prices are going to drop and you will be able to make loads of money in GTA 5 online.

On Making Money while Playing the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Stock

make money on gta 5 online stock market
make money on gta 5 online stock market

One of the best ways to do so is to invest in the automobile industry. Check which company makes your favourite car. After you have figured out a pet manufacturer, the player, that is you, go out there and shoot down every single product that they have. Light them on fire. Completely destroy them.

Do whatever you feel like with them. Smash them. Paint them. Just make sure to create as much destruction as you can. This will in turn cause the stock of the company to fluctuate. After you are done with this, purchase everything from the inexpensive stock, as much as you can, and then repeat the aforementioned process. Create destruction, as much as you can.

Target everything else. With some effort from your side, you will easily be able to raise your own company’s stocks by making sure that no one else has an assembly line.

You can purposefully affect other businesses as well by causing major chaos at their rivals’ outlets. We don’t know yet whether this method is absolutely foolproof or not but you can always give it a try.

Here’s a list of GTA 5 Rivalries

  • CoolBeans / BeanMachine
  • Burgershot / Up-An-Atom
  • Clucking Bell / TacoBomb
  • FlyUS / AirEmu
  • GoPostal / PostOP
  • Bilkington / DollarPills
  • Pisswasser / Logger
  • MazeBank / BankOfLiberty
  • Redwood / Debonaire
  • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter / Bullhead
  • RadioLosSantos / WorldwideFM
  • eCola /Raine

Always keep one thing in mind. Smaller crimes will not get you enough money. Think big. Do big.

Steps To Make More Money On GTA 5 – No Money Generators Or Hacks

  1. STEP I – The Beginning

You will need to start with the story. Continue moving ahead and going through all of the missions. Don’t worry about doing the Life Invader assassinations. You cannot affect stocks at that particular point.

  1. Step II – The Hotel Assassination

gta 5 online hotel assassination - no gta 5 money hack

At a certain point after starting the story, you will have to do the Hotel Assassination. This is where you are damaging shares of Bilkington so as to raise the shares of Betta Pharmaceuticals. The Pharmaceuticals peaks at around eighty percent.

These two steps are not of as much importance as the forthcoming ones, for these assasinations will not affect the outcome as there is very little that you can invest, but you can do so if you want to lay your hands on some extra cash.

  1. Step III – On Completing the story

You will have to complete the main storyline. Once you do the last step right, you will have around forty million dollars to spend on every character. Now it is time to get down to real business and make some real money.

  1. Step IV – The Multi Target Assassination

gta 5 online multi target assassination - gta 5 money cheats online

While taking up this particulare assassination, you are to damage the shares of Redwood in order to help raise the shares of Debonaire. The stocks of Debonaire will then peak at around eighty percent with Redwoods at around three hundred percent.

  1. STEP V – The Vice Assassination

gta 5 online vice assassination - gta 5 money hack generator

While taking up this assassination you are to  damage the shares of Facade so that you can help raise the shares of Fruit. The Fruit shares then peak at fifty percent and with Facades peaking at around thirty percent.

This is one of the most crucial steps because it is the difference between making around 1.5 Billion dollars and 2.1 Billion dollars, so try and make sure that you do not skip this step. Façade might take some time to rebound so make sure that you’re asleep until unless it hits its peak.

  1. STEP VI – The Bus Assassination

gta 5 online bus assassination - gta online money hack

This particular assassination is somewhat different for it  pays attention on the Vapid stock rebounding after the damage that you have done to it, completely. The Vapid stock rebound peaks exactly at hundred percent.

  1. STEP VII – The Construction Assassination

gta 5 online construction assassination - gta 5 money generator

This is one assassination that has no rebound. It completely focuses on procuring Gold Coasts business back from a different construction firm and not on any of the stock exchanges, with Gold Coast stocks peaking at around eighty percent.

Here are some alternate tips that will help you make money in GTA 5

  1. Finish the game
  2. The Maximum amount of money that you can get from the big one
  3. All of Lester’s Assassination missions would be  left untouched, apart from the first one which is mandatory.

Other ways to make money in GTA 5

We have some tips from the GTA forums and here are a few profitable random encounters. While you are free roaming through South Los Santos, you might encounter a man being robbed right off his push bike. It might be ridiculous to stand and watch this, but if you can get the stolen bike back, the man will then inform you that he owns the ARK animal chain and provide you with a good number of shares for free.

There is also a random mission, that you can find near the tunnel on the Interstate road that heads north to the bay. If you take somebody to the airport, this person will give you good stock advice on what should be purchased. Don’t delay and further and do exactly what the man asks you to, and but them right now.

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A few conclusive lines:

These are some thoughtfully constructed ideas of being rich in the game. Follow these tactics to be the best GTA player ever. Having sufficient amount of money can remove all your constraints from being the best in the entire game. Hope you enjoy using these tips and tricks of getting rich with GTA 5 stock market. Thank you passing by!

Also there is no GTA 5 Money Hack And Gta 5 Money Cheats or generator tools which works to give you a load of free money on GTA 5, All the tools and generators claim to give you unlimited free money on GTA 5 are big FAKE, so get rid of using them.

Fast Swin Cheat

Watch out How you can cheat GTA 5 Fast Swim Cheat For PC Below

Here Are The Cheat Codes For Other Devices In Case If You Forgot :

  • Xbox 360/Xbox One: Left, Left, LB, Right, Right, RT, Left, LT, Right
  • PS3/PS4: Left, Left, L1, Right, Right, R2, Left, L2, Right
  • Cell Phone: 1-999-468-44557

Fast Run Cheat

Watch out How you can cheat GTA 5 Fast Run Cheat For PC Below

Here Are The Cheat Codes For Other Devices In Case If You Forgot :

  • Xbox 360/Xbox One: Y, Left, Right, Right, LT, LB, X
  • PS3/PS4: Triangle, Left, Right, Right, L2, L1, Square
  • Cell Phone: 1-999-228-8463

GTA Online Guides – How to Play, Easy Money Tips, Build Fast Reputation

Best GTA Online Guides And Tips On How To Play, Ways To Earn Free Money Online, And Building Reputation Fast

Hello gamers! Hope you are doing very well in the gaming world. So today we are going to share some very interesting tricks and facts about the game GTA. GTA online is a multiplayer game and up to 30 or 29 players can play at an instant. The player can roam throughout the city and explore all the dimensions of the game as well as enjoy every aspect that is practically not possible in the real world. However a few missions are needed to be fulfilled to sustain in the city and these missions are very much addictive. Once you start doing them it is hard to keep yourself away from the computer. There is another option that you can enable to play solo. But always remember you get to learn much more in a competition than compared to learning solo because the competition is high in playing a group.

Always remember that the other players in to the game are your enemies. They will always try to harm you so you must be cautious about such attacks. Maybe outside a hospital or a car parking they may trap you in their net. So mindfulness is the key for this game.

gta 5 friends - Gta online
To get the most out of GTA Online, you must work with your friends. Be in front and invite people to join you. Most of the time, people are happier to work together than waste money and time fighting each other.

Things that you can to do in GTA ONLINE:

So guys for your precaution we are telling you something. So one of the things is when an opponent player connects with you and is running towards you then there is a chance that the other person is going to shed your blood out. Maybe cops are running behind but you should examine and eliminate each possibility of being attacked. So make sure you pull out a gun or rest in a PvP free zone until the player has left.

Doing activites in a group generate 25% more rep than playing solo. So you must keep the bonus in mind. And if you want to achieve more bonus you need to have a perfect score. To get a perfect score you can simple play the game again and again.

Keep this fact in mind that if your image is that of an aggressive person in the game than you are on the risk of getting killed. Because you have a large amount of money, you can be attacked. And if you are a pussy, you will have a very negative image all over. So your image has a lot of effect on your stand in the game. Behave in a calculated way with your opponents.

Best Tips And Guides For GTA Online


You will definitely need a medium to travel through LOS SANTOS and once you start the game you will not have enough money so you need to steal one. Steal a descent car that can help you in long run and once you have earned a good amount of money sell it to CUSTOM SHOP and combine the money to get a better car. Also insurance of the car will give you security.


Obviously what can you do in the game without creating violence? Guns and pistols will help you a lot in doing this. So the primary purpose is to get descent ammunations along with their bullets so that you can calmly go in a fight.


Buying a garage is another important thing. It will keep your cars safe and clean. Attackers will have no idea and chance of stealing your car.


Mentioned above also it is the most important thing in the game. If you perform stunts like teasing the police and increase the wanted star level, ultimately you will end up increasing your reputation. Also behave well with the people because some players are damn aggressive in the game and hence if you also become aggressive the outcome is a riot.


how to make money fast on gta 5 online

The best way of earning money in the game is stealing cars. Stealing common cars on the road is the best verified way. But make sure you sell the car immediately in the CUSTOM SHOP. If you do not it will decrease the worth of the car! Sports car are not in much demand so they do not give you a descent amount but the other SUV’s and sedans give you a descent amount of cash. SO choose effectively the best option for you.


gta online - semion

Earning money through SIMEON is a great way. Complete the task he has asked to you. It is available on your text message box so you must check it regularly. You will be given a commission for providing the specific car or else to him. Speed of delivery is not at all important but what matters is the condition of the car.


Best Places For Robbery On GTA 5 Online

Although this by its name suggests that it is a risky thing for you to do but remember once the risk is over the output is great. Before making the attempt, hide your identity with a face mask.

Once you start at a place start shouting on your mike as well as make shopkeepers raise their hands. Force them to bring all the money and products and you put a gun towards them. DO not turn your back as it will be risky because some shopkeepers are clever enough to attack you. Once you are done rush into your car and get rid of the police.


steal helicopters on gta online

A person who has a helicopter is so much powerful in the game. I am saying this because robbery becomes much simpler here. You just need to go to the airport jump the fence and take the best helicopter for you. Once you get the helicopter you can park it in the locations where you want to rob.

Deposit your precious money

how to deposit money on gta online

Money is the real deal in this game; no money would mean that you haven’t achieved anything in the game. SO all you need to do is to keep it safe. Use the online system of depositing money using your mobile phone or a better way out is to find an atm around that could probably deposit your money. This is the best way to save your hard earned money.

Follow the red dots

shooting on gta online
shooting on gta online

The player is good at shooting and other combat things, he or she can hunt for people to shoot. All you have got to go is to look for red dots which are shown in the map.  You need to keep a track of them from a specific distance to make yourself safe and also to reach them swiftly. The benefit of indulging in a combat is that if you get free hits, the combat will turn into your favor. What else could you ask for?

There would be few instances that will be extreme and will scare you to death but remember there is victory beyond fear. Even if you miss it, you need not to forget that it is just a game.


It is one of the most popular strategy building games but to excel in them is a real task. However using the best tricks and combining them in a proper way can actually secure you a position in the leader board as well as reputation. So guys thank you for reading and do share this with others.