How To Make Money In GTA 5 Online – Yacht Buying Guide

How to Earn Lots of Money and Buy a Yacht in GTA – No GTA 5 Money Hacks Or GTA 5 Money Generators Involved

Hello everybody! We’re back yet again but this time with something that will literally blow your mind. We have with us some amazing tricks that are going to help you earn money real quick and become a millionaire in GTA Online which is the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5. In this guide we will show only legit methods to make huge amount of money on GTA 5 Online. No GTA 5 Money Hacks Or GTA 5 Money Generators Involved in this guide.

Earning money in Grand Theft Auto online, has always been of prime importance but has never gone beyond or more than after the Executives and other Criminals update.

The players now have the amazing option to lay their hands on million dollar villas in Vinewood Hills or maybe even a yacht that can actually run them up to 9.5 million dollars. Ofcourse, it won’t be an easy task, but this guide on how to earn money in Grand Theft Auto online will help you lay your hands on loads of cash as quickly as possible.

How to Earn Money in GTA Online – Stealing and Selling Vehicles

How To Buy And Sell Cars On GTA 5 Online
How To Buy And Sell Cars On GTA 5 Online – Make Money Online Guide

If you are a regular player of Grand Theft Auto Online, I am pretty sure you have a received a text message from Simeon who gave you a list of cars that he wants you to steal and deliver. You must have noticed that most of these vehicles are easy to find. Please note that it is important to find the one that is going to bring you the highest amount of return.

You are about to only get around 10,000 dollars for the most expensive option. So it is extremely important that you go and find out which one is going to bring you the biggest return.

Research the most valuable of the lot before you go and lay your hands on any old piece of junk that will not get you as much return as you intend to procure from it.

Yes, you can also steal the cars that have not been requested by Simeon and sell them at the Los Santos Customs stores that is around the state. All you have to make sure of is those cars do not have a tracker attached to them and this can only be done once every forty eight minutes. So you better find out the most valuable car, steal it and sell it.

Lampadati Felon GT is the one which can be found on the beach near the Los Santos Customs. This can be found in the south west part of the state which is near the airport. After you steal it, you are expected to take this to the closest Los Santos Customs which is exactly only five feet away.

You can sell this stolen vehicle for 9,500 dollars if there are no damages. If you’re ready to take this up, here’s the method that lets you earn money, nearly 10,000 dollars every hour you spend your time playing online and you do not even require to complete a job for this.

Please note that if you possess a Truffade Adder which is probably something that you do not consider using these days. You can take this to as mentioned earlier, the nearest Los Santos Customs and see how much you can earn from this.

Repeat the Easy Missions to earn Money in GTA Online

We have with us yet another and super beneficial method that can help you earn money in Grand Theft Auto online. You can try and complete all the easy missions that have been provided by some of the NPCs  in the aforementioned game.

We will give you an example to help understand this better. For example, Gerald. The missions required by this are something that can be easily fulfilled by just one player. These are easy uncomplicated missions and do not require too much effort. All you have to do is to go to the location, kill some people, steal their drugs and give those back to Gerald. If you require a job from this person, all you have to do is hit up this contact in your phone and ask for a job from him.

Here is something extremely important that every  player  needs to keep in mind, while they are playing Grand Theft Auto online. You can earn a lot more money if the mission that you are on takes longer to get completed. For example, for some of Gerald’s missions, you could get paid over 20,000 dollars if they require a time period of more than only 16 minutes.

If you hit up the difficulty level to hard and get done with your job in just four to six minutes you will actually still receive around 10,000 dollars. This aspect allows every player to get go bring around 100,000 dollars and 150,000 dollars per hour! Can it really get any better than this?

Ofcourse by using this particular method that has been mentioned which will let you earn 9.5 million dollars would actually be the best grind to end all grinds and is one of the best and easy ways to lay your hands on some fast cash.

You Can Complete the Five Heists to Earn Money in GTA Online – GTA 5: How to Buy Boats, Yachts, Jetski’s, Sailboats On GTA V 

GTA 5 How to Buy Boats, Yachts, Jetski's, Sailboats On GTA V - GTA Online Money

By the time GTA VI gets released, the cheapest yacht would then be 6 million dollars which there is possibility that you might earn by then.

GTA Online consists of these five heists that all  players can choose to be a part of. Please note that these heists pay a lot more money than any standard job and will actually require a team of at least four players that can and eill work together and communicate with each other.

These tips encourage you to do them even if you don’t need the money, because the payouts always are of help. We have provided you with a list below and consists of the payout for each heist which will be equally divided amongst all  the players that you have been playing with to achieve this feat.

  • The Fleeca Job: (Easy) $57,500, (Normal) $115,000, (Hard) $143,750
  • The Prison Break: (Easy) $200,000, (Normal) $400,000, (Hard) $500,000
  • The Humane Labs Raid: (Easy) $270,000, (Normal) $540,000, (Hard) $675, 000
  • Series A Funding: (Easy) $202,000, (Normal) $404,000, (Hard) $505,000
  • The Pacific Standard Job: (Easy) $500,000, (Normal) $1,000,000, (Hard) $1,250,000

Check here the comprehensive guide to Heists : How To Begin With Heists In GTA – Complete GTA Online Heists Guide

Clearly, all those who are reading this  can make a note of how your payouts will keep increasing as you keep increasing this. Please know that you will have to spend a lot of time on this and it is really not as much money as you think it is. And the payouts will have to be split given  the number of players you have to create your own team. To earn some more cash, you will always come across extra challenges.

The first time you complete the aforementioned heist you will get access to an additional of 100,000 dollars so you can do the math yourself and calculate how much money you will have and how much more you will need to buy your yacht.

Buy In-Game Cash Cards to Earn more Money in Grand Theft Auto Online

So we have something for which isn’t really a  strategy,  but if you really have a lot of money and enough to  get access to random stuff in Grand Theft Auto Online, this one could be the best and fastest way to buy your own yacht! Can you believe this?

You can go visit the in-game store or the marketplace by going to the menus. After this you are free to select a cash card that is most suitable for you.  Please note that you can easily ignore this tip because you are paying more for in-game currency than you did for the original game.

So after the calculations we figured that it will require you to spend about about 100 hours of in-game time to get the 10 million dollars that you will need to buy the yacht. We have also added an extra 500,000 dollars cash that you might have to spend on on snacks, weapons and armor, and you are free to increase the speed of this by simply going for and buying a cheaper yacht.

This calculations also assumes a couple of things. Laying your hand on the yacht will either take you a couple of months of rigorous GTA Online time, or cost you $100 from your actual bank balance.