GTA Online Guides – How to Play, Easy Money Tips, Build Fast Reputation

Best GTA Online Guides And Tips On How To Play, Ways To Earn Free Money Online, And Building Reputation Fast

Hello gamers! Hope you are doing very well in the gaming world. So today we are going to share some very interesting tricks and facts about the game GTA. GTA online is a multiplayer game and up to 30 or 29 players can play at an instant. The player can roam throughout the city and explore all the dimensions of the game as well as enjoy every aspect that is practically not possible in the real world. However a few missions are needed to be fulfilled to sustain in the city and these missions are very much addictive. Once you start doing them it is hard to keep yourself away from the computer. There is another option that you can enable to play solo. But always remember you get to learn much more in a competition than compared to learning solo because the competition is high in playing a group.

Always remember that the other players in to the game are your enemies. They will always try to harm you so you must be cautious about such attacks. Maybe outside a hospital or a car parking they may trap you in their net. So mindfulness is the key for this game.

gta 5 friends - Gta online
To get the most out of GTA Online, you must work with your friends. Be in front and invite people to join you. Most of the time, people are happier to work together than waste money and time fighting each other.

Things that you can to do in GTA ONLINE:

So guys for your precaution we are telling you something. So one of the things is when an opponent player connects with you and is running towards you then there is a chance that the other person is going to shed your blood out. Maybe cops are running behind but you should examine and eliminate each possibility of being attacked. So make sure you pull out a gun or rest in a PvP free zone until the player has left.

Doing activites in a group generate 25% more rep than playing solo. So you must keep the bonus in mind. And if you want to achieve more bonus you need to have a perfect score. To get a perfect score you can simple play the game again and again.

Keep this fact in mind that if your image is that of an aggressive person in the game than you are on the risk of getting killed. Because you have a large amount of money, you can be attacked. And if you are a pussy, you will have a very negative image all over. So your image has a lot of effect on your stand in the game. Behave in a calculated way with your opponents.

Best Tips And Guides For GTA Online


You will definitely need a medium to travel through LOS SANTOS and once you start the game you will not have enough money so you need to steal one. Steal a descent car that can help you in long run and once you have earned a good amount of money sell it to CUSTOM SHOP and combine the money to get a better car. Also insurance of the car will give you security.


Obviously what can you do in the game without creating violence? Guns and pistols will help you a lot in doing this. So the primary purpose is to get descent ammunations along with their bullets so that you can calmly go in a fight.


Buying a garage is another important thing. It will keep your cars safe and clean. Attackers will have no idea and chance of stealing your car.


Mentioned above also it is the most important thing in the game. If you perform stunts like teasing the police and increase the wanted star level, ultimately you will end up increasing your reputation. Also behave well with the people because some players are damn aggressive in the game and hence if you also become aggressive the outcome is a riot.


how to make money fast on gta 5 online

The best way of earning money in the game is stealing cars. Stealing common cars on the road is the best verified way. But make sure you sell the car immediately in the CUSTOM SHOP. If you do not it will decrease the worth of the car! Sports car are not in much demand so they do not give you a descent amount but the other SUV’s and sedans give you a descent amount of cash. SO choose effectively the best option for you.


gta online - semion

Earning money through SIMEON is a great way. Complete the task he has asked to you. It is available on your text message box so you must check it regularly. You will be given a commission for providing the specific car or else to him. Speed of delivery is not at all important but what matters is the condition of the car.


Best Places For Robbery On GTA 5 Online

Although this by its name suggests that it is a risky thing for you to do but remember once the risk is over the output is great. Before making the attempt, hide your identity with a face mask.

Once you start at a place start shouting on your mike as well as make shopkeepers raise their hands. Force them to bring all the money and products and you put a gun towards them. DO not turn your back as it will be risky because some shopkeepers are clever enough to attack you. Once you are done rush into your car and get rid of the police.


steal helicopters on gta online

A person who has a helicopter is so much powerful in the game. I am saying this because robbery becomes much simpler here. You just need to go to the airport jump the fence and take the best helicopter for you. Once you get the helicopter you can park it in the locations where you want to rob.

Deposit your precious money

how to deposit money on gta online

Money is the real deal in this game; no money would mean that you haven’t achieved anything in the game. SO all you need to do is to keep it safe. Use the online system of depositing money using your mobile phone or a better way out is to find an atm around that could probably deposit your money. This is the best way to save your hard earned money.

Follow the red dots

shooting on gta online
shooting on gta online

The player is good at shooting and other combat things, he or she can hunt for people to shoot. All you have got to go is to look for red dots which are shown in the map.  You need to keep a track of them from a specific distance to make yourself safe and also to reach them swiftly. The benefit of indulging in a combat is that if you get free hits, the combat will turn into your favor. What else could you ask for?

There would be few instances that will be extreme and will scare you to death but remember there is victory beyond fear. Even if you miss it, you need not to forget that it is just a game.


It is one of the most popular strategy building games but to excel in them is a real task. However using the best tricks and combining them in a proper way can actually secure you a position in the leader board as well as reputation. So guys thank you for reading and do share this with others.